3 Reasons Why Elite Academies Are A Waste of Time and Money

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

If you’ve been around sport long enough, you’ll have noticed the rapid rise of elite private academies across Australia. Regardless of the state you reside, suburb, or sporting code you’re associated with they’re out in swarms. In many instances as their branding suggests elite is the game, be it their branding or time class/training slot allocation.

If you’ve discovered a gem, it might have an ex-players name associated with it… or even better if they’re coaching it- right?!

Either way, you get my vibe and here are 3 reasons that may make you think twice!

1. Are They Really Elite?

The first question I ask is are they really elite? Prior to enrolment and handing over your hard-earned dollars (because let’s face it sport isn’t cheap at the best of times) ask just one question.

‘How many enrolments have gone on to represent their state, country, or even made it as a professional?’ (enter the awkward pause)

The definition of elite is ‘a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.’ (Oxford Dictionary)

With this in mind I dare say there wouldn’t be many- if at all…. In other words none. The only thing elite in these settings are their price tag!

2. Cost

No one wants to be average… If you want an example of this check out who choose to stay in the left lane on our freeways! Even little Nona will choose the middle lane because she doesn’t want to be the weakest link :)

Average doesn’t come at a cost- but elite does! If you come from the land of endless opportunity, then great. Seize any opportunity you can and if it means an endless pit of funds- so be it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t me or can majority of you the sporting parent reading this relate to trying to make ends meet ensuring your child gets every opportunity to succeed.

To stay afloat in the business world products need to be all year round. If not, nobody’s making money- right?... Unless you're in the business of calendars. Well here’s my next point, if you ever meet an elite private academy owner who encourages your child to ‘come back next season’ to work on the extras of their game hollah at me! I’d love to shout the coach a meal- because not only do they deserve it, they’ll need it!

I get it, you’re either down with me on that ‘hell yeah!’ vibe right now or your blood is boiling and you’re already thinking WTF does this bloke know anyway?!… $$$ ;)

3. Year-Round Training

So, here’s the thing I just hit it on the head with the cost… and some of you are spewing, I get it. Let me shed some insights into that ‘year-round’ CEO forecast you’ve been spending sleepless nights chipping away at.

Firstly, I will say this some sports may require year round participation for mastery to occur….. in due course. The extent of time committed towards them can vary, and even support participation in other sports. Or for the better version, majority of sports will allow you and should encourage you to explore other opportunities and skill sets.

This should be your goal as an informed sporting parent throughout the development stages.

After all isn’t that what majority of sports can benefit from, a multi-skilled athlete?

Training year round in isolation isn’t the answer in building resilient and skilful youth. Exploration of sports is. So, no matter how much an elite academy sings this chorus, it’s not or should it be on your playlist!

I get it, you may have found that gem… and even found a relevant place for an elite private academy in your child’s journey. If I’m completely honest, I too have stumbled across the odd diamond glistening in the rough- but they’re few and far between.

Making informed decisions in your child’s sporting endeavours is your responsibility and what we’re about. As a sporting parent take this opportunity to access our free resources today by signing up to our mailing list or joining other like-minded parents on your journey in our FB group.

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