From Playgrounds To Gyms. How to Zero In On The Bigger Picture

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Ok, so you’re high fiving yourself because you achieved a score of >1 in your child’s weekly schedule score… Great!

But for some reason your child doesn’t look as strong, move as fast, or is lacking in confidence in comparison to other youth his age… Note I did say youth!

Enter the concept of strength and conditioning and understanding the benefits, or how to choose one can be more than confusing! Ok, so strap yourself in- after reading this article you’ll feel as loaded as Rambo with your knowledge and enough swag as Conor McGregor when entering a private facility in which little Johnny is about to commence!

Firstly, before we jump in let me highlight the numerous benefits of supplementing your child’s sport with quality strength and conditioning coaching:

- Enhanced physical literacy

- Reduced likelihood of injuries

- Increased locomotor skills (i.e. running.. and fast!)

- Greater strength

Boom! (Insert explosion GIF- ask your kid’s, they know what I’m talking about).

Sounds too good to be true right? So too does your enthusiasm to the various coaches marketing departments of training facilities trying to lure you in with enough promises to facilitate the purchase of their dream homes!

Don’t stress… Below I’ll provide you with your own noise cancelling (like you favourite headphones) to decipher through the nonsense.

So how do you find a quality strength and conditioning coach:


- Do they have a history of working with development athlete’s (children to adults).

- Is the training opportunity individualised (whether it group based, program based, or modified 1 on 1 to cater to your child’s development/maturation.

- Movement and the various forms of it should be a key priority of the coach. Not how much your child can bench press!

- Understanding of maturation and various ailments that may arise from this (overuse injuries etc.)


- Talk your child up about being the next big thing! All that translates to is $$$ (and not for you!)

- Seek your best mates, mate who has a good bench press (eye roll).

- Start thinking about how supplements and their use can enhance your child’s performance- once again $$$

- Pay big $$$ for anything with an ex-players name on it, or their ‘elite’ academy (How many athletes went on to become professional from there? Mmmm).

Agreed, by now having read the previous blog post’s some of you might be thinking- ‘But now you’re contradicting yourself! In previous articles you said I shouldn’t have to hire a professional like this?’…

You know what? You’re right! But this is about educating and empowering you to make informed decisions. Because I’ve met more than a couple of parents who would argue they still know better! 

Below are several examples of places with a great reputation that cater to such needs (there are also plenty more):

- Dynamo Athletic

- Athletes Authority

- Sydney Sport and Exercise Physiology (SSEP)

- Bathurst Strength and Conditioning NSW

- Live Athletic NSW

- Propel Fit QLD

- V Athletic WA

- Athlete Engineers QLD

Being a sporting parent is challenging enough let alone trying to be the expert on everything around your child’s sporting success. If you have had any other positive experiences with a coach/or facility that ticks all the boxes above, share it with us all!

At the end of the day as sporting parents you’re all here to be the best you can be for your child/or children!

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