What’s the Problem With Your Child Being Dropped?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

This generation lacks resilience. This generation are always looking for the easy way out. As a parent, this generation has been shaped by you… Take ownership!

Forget the career forecasts by other CEO parents, because clearly it’s not you…

The problem is not this generation, but that as parents of the Gen Z/ Centennials there has been a failed acknowledgement of what has and is being created!

Have I got your attention?! Good, here are 5 reasons how you can help your child not only succeed in sport- but in life!

Sport and your child’s participation in it, can bring many a positive attribute. Even if they don’t eventuate into making sport their career. As parents if you get it right, not only will the physical attributes be lifelong, but others you may not have directly thought of will transpire.

I get it, as a parent you’re as passionate about their game time, playing position, or grade/level as they are. Irrespective of the sport. But at some stage your child is going to be either dropped from a team, unfavourably switched to a different playing position, or relegated to a lower level.

Laugh if you will, and no I’m not taking the p*%ss below are 3 examples of what not to do:

1. Don’t remove your child from the school… Yes, I have seen it 1st hand!

2. Change clubs/competitions mid-season. Your reputation as a parent of how you conducted yourself during such times will always follow- and most importantly impact on your child’s potential future selection. No matter how much you let everyone know it was the Coaches fault.

3. Abuse, berate, or threaten the Coach…

It only seemed like yesterday (sounding like my parent’s now) in such times as a kid playing various sports I was told ‘that’s the Coaches decision’, and ‘you don’t get a say’. I’m sure at times you as a parent were told that too!... So where have we gone wrong?

As a parent I completely understand you always want what’s best for your child. With this in mind, sometimes you’ll be required to take a breath… no matter how long.

Here are 5 reasons defence parenting is likely to limit your child’s resilience:

1. Social skills; Entering a new team is daunting for anyone, but it’s crucial for social skills and building new friendships. Encourage new play dates/ pick up’s/ drop off’s.

2. Game understanding; by shifting to another playing position, or level will encourage exploration of skills. This is likely to enhance the understanding of a particular sport.

3. Respect; by not succumbing to your child’s demands for ‘help’ it holds them and their actions accountable- not blaming others for life’s misfortunes down the track.

4. Grit; without a freedom to quit a particular sport and ensuring they see the season out will encourage them to seek answers even if they don’t particularly want to do something.

5. Accumulative experience; isn’t this what sport and the successful by-product is of participation throughout childhood?! In other word’s- the good, bad, and the ugly… As with sport so is life! Embrace it.

Instinctively it’s a pre-requisite as a Parent to protect your Child/ren. If you weren’t I’d be concerned the type of parenting model you’ve adopted…

Some things as a Parent are left to life’s experiences. It’s these such experiences through sport that can translate and empower every Child’s success in life, whatever that adventure may be.

I’d love to hear some horror stories you’ve encountered with parents along the way?- If we can’t laugh at each other in some capacity surely we’re taking ourselves a little seriously! :)

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